What is it all about?

Enigma Rescue is a new form of interactive entertainment in Krakow, which will test your perspectiveness, wits and intelligence. A group of 2-5 persons gets closed in a room and is given one simple task: "get out, if you can!".

It is not as easy as it sounds because the room is packed with variety of puzzles that lead to the hidden key. You have only 60 minutes to solve them all so you must be fast!


Enigma Rescue is an amazing way to spend time with friends, family or colleagues. Accept our challenge!


Team of 2-5 persons

Where: Kraków, Zwierzyniecka st.15/9a

How long: 60 minutes

How much does it cost: Promocja! Do końca grudnia na hasło “cash only” We accept payment in euro but you should expect change to be in złoty.


What is the difficulty level of your riddles?

The level of difficulty is adjusted to the level of players' experience. For the first time, however, we advise you to choose “Time Machine”that is easier than “Mafia Agression” i “Baśnie Tysiąca i Jednej Nocy”.


What if we get stuck?

If you got stuck – nie martw się! Wasze poczynania są na bieżąco monitorowane przez mistrza gry, który z chęcią udzieli wam pomocy.
The number of hints is not limited, although the victory condition is to escape with a maximum of 3 clues.


How many friends can I bring to make a team?

A team can consist of 2 to 5 persons.


We have a reservation for the game at 4:30 PM. What time should we come?

Please, be there at 4:20 PM. We need a few minutes to explain you how to play.


We don’t speak Polish. Can we play anyway?

Riddles are designed to be no-lingual. Introduction and further communication with game master is possible in polish or english.


How much does it cost?

120 PLN